Dimensions of Health


Holding a positive or negative body image can have consequences for one’s physical appearance. One of the most common consequences of holding a negative body image is the development of an eating disorder. In addition, a negative body image has been linked to  sexual dysfunction.


Negative body image can affect one’s ability to deal with stress.


Negative body image can be thought of as mental habit. Poor body image has been linked to low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression, among many other psychological disorders.


Poor body image has been linked to diminished mental performance.


A poor self image can create barriers in your relationships. A positive self image is crucial in marriages, friendships, professional careers, etc. In studies done on body image, those with poor body image were less likely to develop close relationships.


A person with negative body image may overemphasize the importance of their appearance, and focus on improving their appearance as a skewed goal or purpose in life.


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