For GW Students

Love Your Body Week at GW is this week!

February 25th to March 1st

Love Your Body Week focuses not only on raising awareness about eating disorders, but also on seeking to advance a positive body image and whole-body wellness.

Programming includes a healthy cooking class, panel discussions on beauty and the media and efforts to increase positive messaging around campus.

Many organizations are taking part in this week of events, including: SPEAK GW, Active Minds, Feminist Student Union, the eMpowEr project, HOPEs, GWise, Student Dining Board, and University Counseling Center.

Check out their facebook page:

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List of events:


Feature in GW Hatchet, February 25th Issue

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Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 8.45.41 PM

Organizations on Campus

The eMpowEr Project: A GW Alpha Delta Pi Initiative 

1) Advocacy: Partner with GW Administration, University Counseling Center, and Student Health Services, to ensure that effective resources are available to students suffering from eating disorders. When we are able to say, “If you or a friend are suffering, here are the services provided by the administration that can help you address the problem,” then we have been successful.

2) Programming: A campaign designed to increase positive body image awareness and to educate the GW community to understand, prevent, and destigmatize eating disorders.

Looking to get involved? Email us at

Health Outreach Peer Educator (HOPEs)

The Health Outreach Peer Education program is a project of the GWU Student Health Service. It is a student-run health outreach group.

Our mission is to prepare students to take part in health promotion and educational activities directed to their peers. Peer Educators help other students evaluate the risk of health-related behaviors, supply accurate information and lend support for healthy lifestyle choice

George Washington University Counseling Center

Click here!


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